From concept to care

Suantha™ was invented by two nurses who embarked on a journey to find a better alternative to the age-old high care chairs prescribed to immobile individuals for decades.

Their mission was seemingly simple: source a solution to replace the traditional geriatric chair.

A chair that supports the health of all those who use it.

A chair that complements one's sense of self, independence and ability to remain socially connected.

A unicorn chair; a chair that simply didn't exist.

Until now.

The birth of Suantha™ was driven by the shared vision of two nurses to rewrite the culture of care in the aged care industry, underpinning the ethos of ageing well.

Research has verified its patented design and advanced features to make it the better seating solution in aged care settings.

Suantha™ provides the comfort and support individuals need to live healthier, happier and longer lives.

(L-R) Samantha and Sue, Suantha™ co-inventors

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