State-of-the-art features

Suantha™ has been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and meets all requirements set out by Australia/New Zealand standards.

A. Control console

  • One-touch button for seat, foot and back
  • Electronic throttle to move chair with
    minimal force
  • Pull-down cover hides console when not in use

B. Backrest

  • Limited recline holds body in sweet spot, promoting retention of core muscles
  • Enables users to safely enter and exit the chair
  • Electronic adjustment reduces risk of manual handling injuries

C. Footrest

  • Promotes maximum weight distribution when feet are on the floor
  • Prevents ankle contraction and pressure area injury in non-elevated position
  • Electronic adjustment reduces risk of manual handling injuries

D. Height adjustment

  • Raise or lower for different users
  • Concealed swivel wheels at the base of chair
  • Electronic adjustment reduces risk of manual handling injuries

E. Seat pan

  • Moderate gradient to prevent user from slipping
  • Promotes maximum weight distribution when coupled with backrest recline

F. Motor engagement plate

  • Activates or releases motor with one tap

G. Battery charging socket

  • Charges in under six hours
  • Provides a full day of power

H. Contoured arms

  • Provides comfort and support
  • Fits under standard dining tables so users can remain socially engaged

I. High-density cushioning

  • Antimicrobial foam cushioning to reduce and redistribute pressure on the muscles, providing maximum comfort and support whilst reducing the risk of pressure-related injuries

Suantha™ Colour Range

Available in a range of Warwick Otway (Tritan) colourways, including (from left to right) Charcoal, Garnet, Grass, Navy and Shale.


World-first design

Suantha™ is unlike any ordinary high care chair. With its innovative, patented design and state-of-the-art features, Suantha™ is pioneering best-practice approaches to positive ageing.


Suantha™ comes in Slim or Standard.
Width (standard): 900mm
Width (slim): 810mm
Height: 1200mm
Depth: 830mm
Depth: (extended): 1300mm
Back Height: 840mm
Arm Height (from seat): 220mm
Seat Height: 450 – 550mm
Seat Depth: 530 – 570mm
Seat Width: 550mm
Footrest: 570x280mm

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