Welcome to a revolution in aged care. A new era of comfort and wellbeing.

Introducing Suantha™, the revolutionary high care chair designed to transform the way we care for older people. Invented by nurses and made in Australia, Suantha™ offers maximum comfort and support for mobility-impaired individuals and an easier, safer experience for carers. 

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From concept to care

Suantha™ was invented by two nurses who embarked on a journey to find a better alternative to the age-old high care chairs prescribed to immobile individuals for decades.

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The goal was clear: to find a substitute for the traditional geriatric chair that would promote wellness for both the individual receiving care and the person giving it, while also fostering a sense of autonomy and social connection.

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The birth of Suantha™ was driven by the shared vision of two nurses to rewrite the culture of care in the aged care industry, underpinning the ethos of ageing well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a sample of our frequently asked questions for health-care staff, residential care home managers, and in-home users.


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What is the major difference between Suantha™ and traditional high care chairs?

Suantha™ was invented to offer an alternative for people assessed as immobile. Thanks to its limited range recline mechanism, Suantha™ maintains strength and independence while minimising the risk of further physical decline. Suantha™ also minimises the risk of manual handling injury for support personnel.

Why was Suantha™ invented? Who invented it?

The birth of Suantha™ was driven by the shared vision of two nurses to rewrite the culture of care in the aged care industry, underpinning the ethos of ageing well. Suantha™ was invented to cover two major concerns for the aged care industry:

  • Rapid decline for people using geriatric chairs
  • Workplace manual handling injuries for staff

Why would I use Suantha™?

Suantha™ has been proven by research to be the better seating solution for older people assessed as being immobile. Its innovative design and cutting-edge features support individuals to live healthier, happier and longer lives. Suantha™ enables you to:

  • Remain socially connected and present at mealtimes
  • Move in and out of the chair freely and safely, if you are physically able to do so
  • Retain muscular strength and key bodily functions
  • Rehabilitate, depending on your personal circumstances


A better future for ageing

Suantha’s™ patented design and advanced features have been validated by research to make it the better seating solution in aged care settings. Minimising the risk of pressure area injury for users and workplace injury for staff, Suantha™ provides a healthier experience for both the individual receiving care, and the person providing it.



Limited-range recline

Unlike traditional deep-seat chairs that recline to a bed-like, horizontal position, Suantha™ hugs the body in a sweet spot for maximum weight distribution. Antimicrobial, pressure relieving foam further reduces the risk of pressure area injury. But don’t just take our word for it. Studies from Flinders University in South Australia show even weight distribution throughout the whole body when sitting in Suantha™, minimising the risk of pressure area injury.


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Fully adjustable functions

Suantha’s™ adjustable seat height, back recline and footrest, all of which operate via a one-touch button, provide users with the comfort they need and support they deserve to move in and out of the chair freely and safely. When the chair is stationary, the footrest adjustment allows the feet to stay flat on the floor, providing optimal weight distribution and preventing ankle contraction. While traditional high care chairs restrict movement – a fundamental flaw that federal legislation deems a restrictive practice – Suantha™ is synonymous with strength, freedom and independence.


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Electronically powered

When it comes to ease of use and safety, Suantha™ is unmatched. By simply touching a button, the seat, back and feet can be adjusted to the individual’s needs. Plus, its powered control system makes it easy to move the chair from room to room with minimal force, reducing the risk of workplace injuries. And we can prove it. Manual handling tests performed in a gait lab at Flinders University show significantly less force is required to push and pull Suantha™ compared to traditional high support chairs. Suantha™ is also easy to clean and maintain, and the durable, water-repellent Tritan materials ensure the chair will stand up to daily use in a care setting.


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Stylish and functional

Inviting as any loungeroom armchair, Suantha™ is a stylish yet functional piece of furniture that serves as a medical device, without looking like one. We know the mental wellbeing of an individual can be negatively impacted by the medical device they are prescribed, which is why the aesthetics of Suantha™ are paramount to its design. Social engagement is another big part of ageing well; individuals feel better, have more energy and are happier if they’re socially connected to their community, friends and family. Suantha's™ contoured armrests have been purpose-built to fit beneath a regular dining table, making it possible for individuals to maintain vital social connections.


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